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Silicon Systems in

Pal Hardware and Engineering.

Project Highlights

Handling of Production Stages, Semi-finish stage to Scrap management, Payroll (with all Statutory), VAT, CST, TDS (with Computation and online return generation).


Process Manufacturing.

Project Backdrop

Pal Hardware and Engineering is a manufacturing house with 2 factories and 1 head office to operate, they are manufactures of PVC Pipes & Tube wells.

Client Wish

They wanted a proven solution, which can be easily configured and their team can use it without any difficulty. The system should be able to handle various stages of production, and also capable to handle Raw Material, Semi-finished goods, Scrap (reuse) and scrap sale, Finished goods inventory. Besides, manufacturing they also wanted the Govt. Statutory (VAT, TDS), Payroll to be the part of the implemented system.

Our Solution

Team from Silicon Systems analysed their business requirements in details, started the delivery process focusing on client wishes on TallyPrime. The implementation primarily handled stages of production, WIP Stage (which can sold directly or can be used in next level for finished goods processing), Identification of Semi-finished goods inventory which are bad stock are further processed to generate to be used as raw material for future production and part of the semi-finished goods (bad stock) to be used as scrap for sale. Payroll as usual with statutory handling i.e. P.Tax, PF, ESI had been implemented successfully. The implementation model applied was 'ZERO CUSTOMIZATION' on TallyPrime.

Value Delivered

Earlier the customer was working manually. With new configured application Pal Hardware team is able to manage production system, Accounts & Finance, Govt. Statutory returns, Payroll for Staff and Wages for factory all through a single system. For the past 1 year TallyPrime implemented by Silicon Systems are being used by the customer.

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