Silicon Systems

TallyPrime Implementation

in NIS Management Pvt. Ltd.

Project Highlights

Statutory Setup - Service Tax, TDS, Security setup, Roles & responsibilities assignment and Banking Management.


Security Solutions and Facility Management.

Project Backdrop

'NIS' - National Investigation and Security, they have successfully developed the concept of Integrated Security Solution that offers comprehensive solutions of security issues. They had added Facility Management in their portfolio and succeeded through perseverance and uncompromising service. The company is into delivering services on Facility Management for all major corporate across India. They had been using TallyPrime for years together. They have 10+ branches across India including 2 operation offices.

Client Wish

They wanted to do modular implementation in TallyPrime before which they wanted to have a ERP workshop for their team to identify any further requirement.

Our Solution

Team from Silicon Systems analysed the business requirement with the concerned NIS team along-with NIS Management. Designed a specific Training-cum-workshop program with no obligation cost. In the workshop the specific requirements were drawn and finalized the specific implementation program which they needed the most within TallyPrime. The implementation model applied was 'ZERO CUSTOMIZATION' on TallyPrime Plus Tally-Add-ons from Tally Shop.

Value Delivered

They were able to manage and monitor statutory functions, security functions within TallyPrime. The earlier model of managing the TDS and Service Tax which was manual was no more required. for the past 1 year NIS is using the TallyPrime application implemented by Silicon Systems.

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